Tuscany Bike Tours | 3 Day Bike Tour Ride
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3 Day Bike Tour Ride

Bike Tour Day 1: Firenze – Greve in Chianti 19 miles

Stay in Florence for a night and enjoy the renaissance capitol night life but get to bed early for your first day of your Tuscany bike tour. Your bike Tour in Tuscany starts with a pick up at 9 a.m., bags ready to be moved to the next hotel.  From Florence your first climb is a slow creep towards Impruneta, famous for Tuscan cotto tiles like the ones used on the Florence cathedral dome.  The church on the main square is a beautiful sanctuary and this village was the setting for the 2014 Dutch movie ‘A Tuscan Wedding’.  Head east from Impruneta for Strada in Chianti where you’ll stop for a light lunch. After a shot of espresso coffee, head towards Greve in Chianti, the capitol city for the Chianti Black Rooster trademark. You’ll travel along the ‘chiantigiana’ state road that runs from Florence all the way to Siena.  Reach your hotel then take a walk around the central square and be sure to visit the famous delicatessen belonging to the Falorni family.  Pick any one of the local restaurants or pizzerias for dinner, a stroll and gelato, then remember to get some sleep.

Bike Around Tuscany Tours

Bike Tour Day 2: Greve in Chianti – Radda in chianti 19 miles

Your tour of Tuscany starts at 9 a.m after a smooth cappuccino and start pedalling up the hill towards Panzano in Chianti, home of the Florentine T-bone steak and world famous butcher Dario Cecchini.  Pedalling is common around Panzano as it was part of the final downhill stretch for the 2016 Italian bike race ‘Giro d’Italia’, Italy’s major international road bike race. Cross the border of Florence and enter the Province of Siena pedalling down through the Lucarelli woods towards Radda in Chianti where after a pleasant flat run about 2k long, a steep 500 meter ramp brings you to the lunchtime pit stop and your next hotel.

Enjoy the rest of the day walking around this medieval gem packed with small shops and sweeping vistas.  Then get some shut eye for your next day of bike tours in Tuscany.

Tour Tuscany Day 3: Radda in Chianti – Siena

The last day of your 3 day tour of Tuscany begins at 9 a.m. pedaling towards Castellina in Chianti, a unique medieval village where the 10th century town hall and Catholic cathedral reflect austere Roman architecture.  A hidden corridor on the back side of town is an underground tunnel with portals overlooking the spectacular countryside.  Here a stop for gelato is a must! Following a delectable Italian ice cream cone, start pedaling towards the medieval wonder of Siena, where you’ll stop for lunch, turn in your bike, and check in for a final evening in one of the most impressive towns in Tuscany. Your Tuscany bike tour ends here and it’s your call whether to stay on for a few more days or continue travelling throughout Italy.   Arrivederci!