Tuscany Bike Tours | Bike Tour Rides
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Bike Tour Rides

Bike Through Vineyards, Villages and Olive Groves

Our Tuscany bike tour rides go between Florence and Siena pedaling over Chianti Hills through vineyards and olive groves, just like in the movies. Stopping at small villages along the way to taste local food is just part of the fun when you’re cycling with an expert guide such as Luca. You’ll be riding mostly on dirt roads where traffic is scarce and vistas are one-of-a-kind.

The rides are recommended for bikers who are in good physical shape and used to climbing hills.

If you are not that kind of bike rider, don’t worry, Luca has the right solution for you: An E-Bike, also known as an Electric Bike.

1-Day, 3-Day & Chianti Bike Tours

  • Three Day Tuscany Bike Tour

    Stay in Florence for a night ...

  • One Day Tuscany Bike Tour

    Join our Tuscany bike tour for a day ...

  • Chianti Bike Tours

    2 ways to get the most ...